Richard Spring discusses BUS plans during press conference

05 October 2007

During a press conference Richard Spring, MP and British Ukrainian Society Chairman presented BUS plans on promoting development of British-Ukrainian relations and supporting Ukraine’s efforts to advance the country’s image worldwide, the press conference took place on the 5th October at The Interfax-Ukraine Press Agency.

Richard Spring assured of Britain’s wide support of EU’s Neighborhood Policy for Ukraine and stressed that Britain remains Ukraine’s staunchest supporter in Europe.

He noted that Ukraine plays an important role in European security. Espacially as Ukraine continues to manage its gas pipe line which transports gas to fuel European agricultural production.

Richard Spring noted that Britain remains intent on establishing close relations with Ukraine regardless of changes in government in both countries. “The British public would like to cooperate constructively with any cabinet in Ukraine regardless of who comes to power in Ukraine and the UK. All political groups in the UK agree on the importance of relations with Ukraine”, – he said.

The British MP also stated that Britain is quite impressed with Ukraine’s economic achievement and the country’s democratic developments.

Also, Richard Spring stressed the importance of supporting activities in the education field along with maintaining meaningful dialogue between economic and political circles in both countries.