Yalta Memorial Speech by Sir Nicholas Soames, MP

20 November 2007 

On the 20th November at the Houses of Parliament Sir Nicholas Soames, Conservative MP delivered his Yalta memorial speech “British Ukrainian Relations: past, current affairs, and the future.”

The lecture was organised with support from the British Ukrainian Society, and headlined the launch of a series of events to mark the 1945 Yalta Peace Conference, which became an important episode in the history of both countries.

Over one hundred people turned up for the lecture. Including British MPs, entrepreneurs and public figures, as well as representatives of the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK.

Sir Nicholas spoke highly of the countries’ achievements over the past fifteen years and the current state of affairs between the UK and Ukraine; he also noted that friendly relations and understanding between the two countries are based upon the secure foundation of common values, which include respect for the founding principles of democracy, and insuring security and stability in the Black Sea region, the geopolitical importance of which has considerably increased in the past years. The speaker stressed on Ukraine’s success as regional leader, namely the country’s activities within such international business associations like BSEC, as well as Ukraine’s important role as one of NATO’s allies in Eastern Europe.

After the lecture the guests continued to communicate in an informal atmosphere.


Nicholas Soames profile:

Sir Arthur Nicholas Winston Soames is a British Conservative Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Mid Sussex since 1997.

Soames was first elected to Parliament in 1983 for Crawley. He was Minister of State for the Armed Forces from 1994 to 1997 in the government of John Major.

His main political interests are defence, international relations, rural affairs and industry.

He is a grandson of Winston Churchill.