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A talk by Dr Edilberto Segura

30 April 2008 

Dr Edilberto Segura gave a presentation on the political and economic situation in Ukraine since independence on the 30th April in the Boothroyd Room at the House of Commons.

The event was open to members of the public by invitation.

Dr Se­gura touched upon Ukraine’s economic restructuring and pri­vatisation in the early 1990’s, the impact of the 1998 Russian default, Ukraine’s progress towards reform, WTO accession, GDP growth, inflation, foreign investment, and the Ukrainian government’s Action Programme.


Dr Edilberto Segura Profile

Dr Segura has a Master’s in Business Administration from Stanford University, a Master of Arts in Economics and a Doctorate of Philosophy, Majoring in Finance, Minoring in Economic Development from Columbia University.

Dr Segura joined the World Bank in 1973 and served in senior positions in 35 different countries until 1998.  His many positions with the World Bank included Division Chief, Industrial Development and Finance Division, Europe, Middle East and North Africa Region; Director, Country Department II, Latin America and Caribbean Region;  and Chief of World Bank Mission in Ukraine.  During Dr Segura’s tenure in Kyiv, the World Bank approved total lending/guarantees of about US$1.6 billion for ten operations – Housing Development, Coal Pilot and Adjustment, Enterprise Development, Social Protection, Agricultural Adjustment, Electricity Market Development, Export Development, Pre-export Guarantee, Sea Launch Guarantee.  Before his assignment in Ukraine, Dr Segura was responsible for all World Bank operations in Mexico, Central America, Venezuela, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.  The Department’s portfolio under his supervision included 90 operations, with a loan amount of US$12 billion.  The Department’s lending averaged about US$2.0 billion per year.

In 1998, Dr Segura joined SigmaBleyzer as the Chief Economist and the head of the Kiev office where he works with the SigmaBleyzer portfolio of companies in order to improve their efficiency and attract outside investment.  Dr Segura is also the Chair of the Advisory Board of the Bleyzer Foundation.  Among his other accomplishments, Dr Segura is a published author, and he was a visiting professor at Oxford University Said Business School.


You can download the presentation here:

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