News - 2015.09.24 - Judith Gough

Photo: Tabula (c) 2011

Lord Risby welcomed new British Ambassador to Ukraine, Ms Judith Gough

24 September 2015

Chairman of the British Ukrainian Society, Lord Risby, extended a welcoming letter to Ms Judith Gough, who arrived to Kyiv on 7 September 2015 as the new British Ambassador to Ukraine, to congratulate Ms Gough on her appointment.

“It is really a sign of the commitment of the UK to Ukraine that the new Ambassador is somebody of such immense experience and quality, who has for some time had a very real professional and personal interest in Ukraine. It was at the YES conference that the new Ambassador was able to meet key government and business figures in Ukraine, as well as many of the friends of Ukraine who were at the conference,” said Lord Risby, adding that the BUS greatly looks forward to working closely with Ms Gough.

Ms Judith Gough has been appointed Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Ukraine in succession to Mr Simon Smith. She joined the FCO in 2001 and was most recently Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Ms Gough has been engaged with this region for over 20 years and previously served as Her Majesty’s Ambassador in Tbilisi.

Commenting on her appointment on 26 March 2015, Ms Gough said: “Ukraine continues to face an unprecedented period of challenge and upheaval, which will shape the long-term future for all Ukrainians and have an impact on the wider region. The United Kingdom has been strong in support of Ukraine’s democratic, prosperous and secure future, and determined in its efforts to help promote reform, peace and stability throughout Ukraine. I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to play my part in continuing this work, in leading our Embassy in Ukraine at this critical time.”