News - 2015.09.25 - Natalia Galibarenko

Photo: RBC Ukraine (c) 2015

Lord Risby welcomed new Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK, Ms Natalia Galibarenko

25 September 2015

Chairman of the British Ukrainian Society, Lord Risby, congratulated Ms Natalia Galibarenko on her appointment as the new Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

In his welcoming letter to Ms Galibarenko, Lord Risby expressed his sincerest hope that the Ukrainian Embassy and the British Ukrainian Society will continue to cooperate in order to strengthen the ties between the two countries and increase the profile of Ukraine in the United Kingdom.

“The British Government is very aware of the importance of the bilateral relationship with Ukraine, and the British Ukrainian Society remains fully committed to building ties at every level,” said Lord Risby.

Having entered the diplomatic service in 2000, Ms Galibarenko was Deputy Head of the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the International Organisations in Vienna in October 2012 – March 2014. She was appointed the Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Kingdom by the President of Ukraine on 26 August 2015.

Attending Ukraine’s National Day Reception at the Ukrainian Embassy on 17 September 2015, Lord Risby also communicated to Chargé d’Affaires, Mr Ihor Kyzym, that the BUS looks forward to working closely with the Ukrainian Parliament, and especially with the Verkhovna Rada MP Group for Inter-Parliamentary Relations with the UK, and the Verkhovna Rada All-Party “Euro Optimist” Group.