News - 2017.09.17 - YES 2017

Lord Risby and Lord Oxford attended the YES Annual Meeting and met with Ukrainian politicians

17 September 2017

The Chairman of the British Ukrainian Society, Lord Risby, and its Advisory Board member, Lord Oxford, visited Kyiv on 14-17 September to attend the 2017 Yalta European Strategy Annual Meeting.

‘I would like to thank the Victor Pinchuk Foundation for their continued efforts and excellent work with facilitating this platform for discussions about Ukraine and its place in the world with participation of important stakeholders and decision-makers, both domestically and internationally’, commented Lord Risby on this year’s event.

‘It is important that Ukraine’s leadership intensifies its pursuit of a peaceful solution to the conflict with Russia, while also delivering on its promises of combating corruption and improving the investment climate’, added the Chairman of the British Ukrainian Society.

Continuing their policy of meeting leading Ukrainian politicians from across the political spectrum, Lord Risby and Lord Oxford also met with Vadim Novinsky MP from the Opposition Block to exchange views on the current Ukrainian affairs.

‘We have an active programme of dialogue between British and Ukrainian politicians. Today, we had an open and honest discussion about the challenges and opportunities that Ukraine faces, most importantly, about ways of achieving peace in the east of the country’, explained Lord Risby.

Commenting on this meeting, Vadim Novinsky agreed that achieving lasting peace is the number one task for Ukraine. ‘We are the party of peace. Over 75 percent of Ukrainians support introduction of United Nations Peace Corps to the conflict zone. It is profoundly important that this is achieved by agreeing and passing a UN resolution’, explained the Ukrainian MP.