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Announcing finalists of the 2017 MUHi Contest

27 September 2017

International panel of experts selected twelve young Ukrainian artists whose projects will be featured during the finalist exhibition of the 2017 MUHi Contest.

Short listed artists include:

Kinder Album (L’viv)
Mykhailo Alexeenko (Kyiv)
Sergiy Grygoryan (Ivano Frankivsk)
Oleg Dimov (Odesa)
Ivan Dragan (Chernivtsi)
Mykola Karabinovych (Odesa)
Dmytro Krasny (Glevakha, Kyiv Region)
Sergiy Radkevych (L’viv)
Anton Tkachenko (Kharkiv)
Maria Proshkovska (Kyiv)
Olga Fiodorova (Kharkiv)
Mitya Churikov (Kyiv)

Initially it was planned to select ten contest finalists, however some of the presented works received identical ratings from the panel of experts. The contest’s Selection Committee agreed to extend the list of finalists so art experts can view the projects by selected artists during the finalist exhibition of the 2017 MUHi Contest.

Oksana Barshynova – the contest expert says: “This time there is a selection of extremely talented artists, and we could not limit ourselves to ten of them. Each and single one of the artists has a potential to implement interesting ideas. Mostly we were guided by the artist’s personality, rather than the projects because we have confidence in the artists. The war theme dominated applications for the 2015 MUHi Contest and it also was of interest to the experts; these themes were realised in interesting projects. But now we can view extended scope of artistic perception. Some artists rethink de-communisation, social unrest in general, some artists are engaged in formal issues: they concentrate on colour and the emotional impact of art”.

Jerzy Onuch – the contest expert says: “I witnessed certain effort to implement in Ukraine wider ideas, ideas which engage society. In essence what the artist does concerns the form. There are not that many ideas in the world contrary to popular opinion. You have to possess a quality radio receiver to listen to the modern and historic airways”.

The 2017 MUHi Contest received 458 applications from young talented Ukrainian artists from all over Ukraine (including Vinnitsya, Dnipro, Zhytomyr, Ivano Frankivsk, Kyiv, Kremenchug, Lutsk, L’viv, Odesa, Uzhgorod, Kharkiv, Chernivtsy, etc.)

The MUHi Contest Timeline:

September 2017
– Run up to the final exhibition, coordination of production of finalists’ art work;
– Preparatory work for the publication of newspaper-guide of the competition, development of a parallel educational program of the project;

November 2017
– 6–26 of November: runners up to hold an exhibition at the Taras Shevchenko National Museum;
– Implementation of the parallel educational program;
– Selection of the winner and special awards’ nominees by the international panel of jurors;
– The award ceremony and presentation of two special awards;

Winter-Spring 2018
– Work on the winner’s solo project;
– The winner travels to the Futura Art Center Residence (the Czech Republic).

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