Photos: Artem Braichenko / British Ukrainian Society (c) 2018

Volume Park, the first exposition of garden sculpture is open in Kyiv

The Volume Park exposition of garden sculpture opened on July 6th at the Kyiv Natalka Park on the Obolon river front.

The list of leading Ukrainian sculptors featured in the open air exhibition includes Olexiy Zolotaryov, Vasyl’ Grublyak, Danylo Shumikhin, Vitaly Protosenya, Kateryna Buchatska, Illya Novgorodov and Gudenga Evelona – an artist from Latvia.

The art exhibition is organised in a public space and aims at popularising contemporary art among the Kyiv city residents and visitors to the capital. The project brought together the public, government agencies, and the artists and seeks to further improve the cultural image of Kyiv and all of Ukraine.

The Questions Garden project was developed to promote discussion on pressing issues important to each and every one of us like how do we continue to rebuild our country, city and every person in it. The project brought together in one public space artists who focus on such subjects like memory, making memories last, the archaic, dividing the territory, and people existing in the world of ever changing values and meaning.

The exhibition’s opening included a discussion on “The Foundations of Contemporary Public Art: ideology, tastes, and trends. What is the role of sculpture in the city.” Kristiana Karklina an expert from Riga, Director of the Sculpture Quadrennial Riga engaged in the discussion alongside with Natalya Mandra, an art critic, expert on modern art, Kateryna Pidgayna curator of the Sculpture Workshop NGO, and Olena Zubkova, curator of the Kyiv Fashion Park. The discussion was facilitated by Kateryna Ray, an art critic, member of the board of the Art Congress.

The first exposition will open till the 6th of July.

Free admittance.


About Volume Park: 

Volume Park is an organisation which aims at developing contemporary Ukrainian sculpture. Together with the exhibition the organisation also is going to support an international artist residency programme in the framework of this programme artists from the world over will be creating sculptures for the park and sharing knowledge with their Ukrainian colleagues. Also Volume Park is going to organise discussions, sculpture workshops, and experimental art projects.

The Volume Park project also supported:

- The Conditional Clause virtual sculpture exhibition which was successfully organided in the framework of the Kyiv Art Week 2018 at the Artist’s Gallery.

Weekend with Volume discussions and so on.


Volume Park’s partners:

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